Weber Piano Action Rebuild – Assembly and Adjustments

We were hosting a group of our pianist friends on Saturday, and I hoped to have the action back together and with luck, installed in the piano for a little preliminary “plunking”. Time was short!

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Weber Piano Action Rebuild – Key Leveling and Key Weights

Back on track with the sharps refinish, let-off buttons and hammer rest repairs, I was looking forward to the last bits before reassembling the action: key leveling and key weights.

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Weber Piano Action Rebuild – New Hammers!

We got back from the Red Power Roundup and it was time to catch up on the Weber project. Bernard texted me (with pictures!) that the hammers had arrived from Renner, and I was eager to see them. I went to his shop a few days later.

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Weber Piano Action Rebuild – On to the Wippens!

Another trip to Bernard’s piano shop and another list of tasks. I installed most of the rocker capstans (#2 in the diagram above) with the new square-drive screws at home, and used a little wax softened with mineral spirits to avoid … Continue reading

Weber Piano Action Rebuild – Keyframe with Refurbished Keys

I’ve been making progress on the Weber Project, but with a trip to New Mexico and various Spring activities, the pace has lagged. We’re back on track though. I mentioned in the last post that more work was needed on the bushings — they were too tight for the keys to move freely in the keyframe.

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Weber Piano Project – Keyframe Cleanup

With key bushings installed, it was back to the piano shop. In order to test the work, we would need to try a few keys in the keyframe and see they fit. First though, a little cleanup was in order. … Continue reading

Weber Action Rebuild – Key Cleaning Update

In my last post, I listed the various tasks to finish key restoration. During the week, I was able to get the remaining tools to install bushings. These include a brush to apply hide glue, a small painting knife to … Continue reading

Weber Action Rebuild – Removing Bushings and Cleaning

After bringing the piano keys home from Bernard’s shop last week, I was hoping to remove the key bushings and clean the wooden, ebony and ivory parts. To remove the bushings, I rigged up an old travel-sized clothes steamer and … Continue reading

Weber Grand Piano Action – Teardown

After months of discussion and planning, we were ready to rebuild the action in the Weber grand piano. I had moved the action to Bernard Mollberg’s shop near Blanco, Texas the previous week, and was looking forward to starting. Arriving at the … Continue reading