Solar Power for the Amateur Radio Station

After adding some solar power to our teardrop trailer, I realized how easy it would be to power part of my amateur radio station the same way. Solar panels and charge controllers had gotten relatively inexpensive, and with the addition … Continue reading

Chainsaws and Micro Mills

We live in the woods. Live Oak and “Cedar” (a species of Juniper). There are acres of trees of all sizes and shapes. Over time, I’ve admired the beautiful work done by artists who use the idiosyncratic shapes of natural … Continue reading

The Tiny House is here!

We’ve been looking forward to this all summer. We’re helping our friends, Alva and Lisa build a Tiny House. Last spring, they were looking for contractors in Austin, but everyone’s too busy with the current building boom. They’ve been developing this … Continue reading

Rebuilding A Piano

We like music at Roy Creek Ranch, and some time ago I decided to get one of my pianos rebuilt.  There are two pianos here, an 1893 Weber (originally purchased at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893 — but that’s … Continue reading

A Second Tank

In the post of April 17, 2008, I mentioned the addition of a second rainwater tank to the north tank farm.  It was actually purchased and delivered last spring and has been sitting on a decomposed granite pad since then.  … Continue reading

Cleaning Rainwater

There are various strategies for keeping the rainwater in your tanks clean, including filters, “roof washers” and so forth.  No matter what though, you find that the water collects debris over time — especially when it’s stored for a  while.  … Continue reading