Solar Powered Rainwater Project – Completed?

The Solar Powered Rainwater Project began about eight months ago, although one might argue it is the culmination of my rainwater system dreams beginning in 2002.

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Solar Powered Rainwater Project – Solar Panels Installed!

The new 250-watt solar panels arrived very quickly. I was eager to install them, but they were just a bit larger than I could handle safely on the garden shed roof. Fortunately, I didn’t have too wait long, and my neighbor Jason was available a few days later.

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Solar Power Rainwater Project – Panels and Angles

Major equipment purchase done, it’s time to think about the installation. The solar panels will be arriving in a day or two, and I plan to install them right away. Solar panels produce maximum power when the sun is perpendicular to … Continue reading

Solar Powered Rainwater Project – to Grid-Tie, or not to Grid-Tie. (that is the question)

Previously, we discussed the amount of power needed, and how that determines the size of the solar array. We also mentioned Days of Autonomy and how that informs battery storage. Now for Charge Controllers and Inverters — the brains that tie everything together. … Continue reading

Solar Powered Rainwater Project – Panels, Batteries and Inverters — Oh My!

In a previous Project post, we determined our power needs – 1300 watt-hours per day to pump water. Now we can calculate the battery bank capacity,  solar panel wattage, and inverter capacity needed for our installation. Let’s start with the panel … Continue reading

Solar Powered Rainwater Project

If you’ve been following along, you’ve noticed several solar-powered projects here at Roy Creek Ranch. From a simple system to “top-up” the storage battery in the Teardrop trailer and upgrading it to make an off-grid camper, to powering my amateur radio … Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not.

Two years ago, I bought a packet of Italian beans at the nursery thinking it would be fun to have a trellis or wall of beans growing in the garden.  There were (as I recall) three types of beans in … Continue reading

The New Pond

It’s been very hot here this summer, with very little rain, and we’ve had to take steps to shelter animals and any plants and trees that we value.  With temperatures rising to around 105 degrees nearly every day for the … Continue reading

A Second Tank

In the post of April 17, 2008, I mentioned the addition of a second rainwater tank to the north tank farm.  It was actually purchased and delivered last spring and has been sitting on a decomposed granite pad since then.  … Continue reading