Cleaning Rainwater

There are various strategies for keeping the rainwater in your tanks clean, including filters, “roof washers” and so forth.  No matter what though, you find that the water collects debris over time — especially when it’s stored for a  while.  … Continue reading

Penning the Plants

In an earlier post, I alluded to “bins” or “pens” That I constructed in the greenhouse.  Something of a cross between a raised bed and a giant pot, these miniature gardens are very efficient, and easy to construct.  Here’s how: … Continue reading

The Greenhouse “Flowers”

The greenhouse has been in operation for a couple of months now, and beginning to show some results.  Since this is my first real experience with one, I’m learning as I go along, and there are some surprises along the … Continue reading

A Commercial Greenhouse

This morning marks the completion of a long-standing project here at the ranch. You may recall the construction of a greenhouse last year, one made of PVC and plastic sheeting. Well, now for the rest of the story: it was … Continue reading

The Greenhouse (part 2)

Saturday dawned clear and warm.  The perfect day for completing the greenhouse!  I had a nearly square frame to use for the foundation, done the previous weekend, and now it was time to level the ground and anchor the frame. … Continue reading

The Greenhouse (part 1)

One of the problems we have periodically here in the Hill Country are hard freezes.  Given the length and heat of the summers, it’s a surprise to some and it catches many off-guard.  Folks with tropical plants in their gardens … Continue reading

2006 Harvest Classic

The Harvest Classic, recognized by the readers of Ride Texas Magazine as one of the top 10 rallies in Texas, is in scenic Luckenbach, Texas (near Fredericksburg). Organized by Central Texas Motorcycle Charities, this gathering of Classic and European motorcycles … Continue reading